Oct 6, 2008

Unforgetable working experience

Warning: it’s a superb long winded post ahead, be PREPARED!!

I HATE MY CURRENT job which I have avoided naming in my blog. In light of recent events though, I really just don't care who knows but still I’m not naming it, to avoid being sued under DEFAMATION. Bah~ I really don't even know where to start, our politics are getting to be just nuts. We are officially in civil war, people taking advantage of favoritism, people playing increasingly mean and vicious practical jokes.

There is only 1 word to describe this company --> HORRIBLE
If there are 2 words to clarify, that’s gonna be --> SUPERB HORRIBLE

Over the past few months I have had very little success in staying happy in this evil company but I think I need to give up this job because I want to do more than just a receptionist therefore I decided to tender my resignation but soon enough I’ve been demoted on false accusations of work avoidance.

Here's the story: Last few weeks I tender my resignation, my lady boss and manager act so different from the first day I step into this company. My boss, manager and seniors are deliberately ignored me and putting me "out of the loop.

Well I was livid. I could not believe that they will banish me into a room just to answer call?!? Now I'm being placed on this 1 month notice in which I have to be the perfect little robot, get 100% quality on all my calls, conform to every little rule and basically show no emotion on the floor. So well, I’m going to do my very best until my last day but still they are giving me hard time.

Basically, I’m working in an all-women company; you can imagine all of the pointless chatter and two-faced comments that go on in there. I try my very best to not let it get to me but it's hard! Why can't people just be people????!!!! It really is an unattractive trait. I seriously stressed out with them although they are much older than me but act like 12-year-olds most of the time. Everyone is always bitching about each other, or passive-aggressively refusing to help out. She can just shout from the room to the front desk questioning me just because I can’t manage to pick up 2 calls on time? And she is too busy to pick up the call because she’s finally found something to scold me.

Well, basically my lady boss is someone sits in the office on the Internet, typing personal e-mails, phoning or just standing around bossing instead of working, undeniable she’s a good boss who is hard to deal with and has trouble directing and guiding employees to effectively, she’s totally a power mad tyrant. Not to say that she’s overly aggressive, controlling and micromanaging. She’s functionally incompetent boss, she is well-intentioned, but she’s lack of leadership and management skill eventually creates such confusion and turmoil that people are exhausted. Conclusion, we got a favorites-playing and snobby attitude boss.

And as for the management title and senior position, u need to have a good management skills or else people under you will get confused and frustrated of your lack of clarity and guidance. Anyhoo, do not scold people “STUPID”, “BABI BUTA” and etc.

Those around us in management positions, (team leads, sups, quality), 80% of them are on power hungry trips. They fail to realize that reps are the ones that run the business and do the most work, you always see them standing around doing nothing but pointing fingers and drinking coffee.

In fact, my manager are even worse as it's ok for them to take their own sweet time for an hour leaving their team with no support, not to mention the angry customers who get even angrier when there's no supervisor to talk to, and that's work avoidance?!? Moreover, it’s true that my manager is really a good rep in gossiping and backstabbing. She makes nasty comments about our colleagues; she snipes at the bosses and complains about the company. This is what u called as PROFESSIONALISM?!!

I am SO stressed at work. I have enough work for 2 or maybe 3 people to handle, but I managed to finish it, I work shitty hours. The multitasking skill is created by the KIAM SIAP boss so that they can pay less in order to hire more people, leaving us working like slaves?

And even thou, I’m sick but they disallowed me to see doctor. I told my senior that I’m physically sick – cough, fever and flu. But she insists me to go after work which it’s not claimable if we go after office hour. DAMMIT !! and if we do, they will scold us STUPID to go after office hour as its not claimable.

My job scope really SUCKS!!!! It is SO boring...I do the exact same thing every single day – calls, mails… which totally blows! I’m actually doing receptionist work altho I’m a PR executive. I just can't stand this company. It's petty ridiculous bullshit. The pay is good, but I have to answer phone calls, deal with nasty callers, etc. Where is all the promises ? Mainly I'm just SO fucking sick of the company itself and having stupid de-brief sessions on every evening after office hour. It takes all I have to haul my ass in there every evening for an hour. I'd much rather trapped in the jam.

Not only that, my lady boss give me a nasty look asking me “FINISH YOUR LUNCH?!!!!” last Fri as its only less than 20 minutes. OK FINE! And now, I totally have no chance to eat early nemore as I’m soon to leave the company so t4 I don’t have the privilege!!!! AND everyone starts to have this thing calls “PREJUDICE” on whatever things that I’ve done. Twisting the fact, blaming me for no reason and without giving me a chance to explain or defend myself. Lady boss forbid me to answer any calls, saying that I’m too immature to handle it and insist me to pass along to my manager and yet manager pushing their junior “me” to handle demanding clients or callers nevertheless I am still the one to be hold responsible for any circumstances. I’m hire to this company for blameworthiness purposes position. GREAT!!!

Seriously, I’m so upset when this happened on Friday. Believe me; I couldn't even speak that day because I was so pissed off. If I had to talk to anyone after being told I was demoted again, chances are I would have ripped them to pieces which would have only made the situation worse.

Unfortunately, they've already gone through this city and they have a bad reputation here. For a company that is so desperate to get people to fill the seats because they are losing more people than they hire, they certainly aren't doing much to keep the people they have, especially 4 year veterans like ****** . And FYI, I leave because of your employees the so-called supervisors, not companies. I hope my leaving serve as a wake up call for all of you. SHAME ON YOU !!

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