Apr 25, 2010

Never had luck in love

FYI I have never had luck in love. NEVER!
I mean nobody had ever realize my existence or etc.
Nobody had ever fall in love with me..

But lately, I think my luck had changed.
albeit I duno whether is this a right time, or a false alarm as usual...
But stil I think their intention is just to sleep with me only... FML
Yes, that's me being me again... over-sensitive as always!

Friends told me that I can’t ignore the fact that I’m in a need for a boyfriend.
Idk whether am longing for someone at the moment...
and i almost forgot whats the feel of being loved..
such as having thousands of tickling butterflies in the stomach,
waking up with somebody starring at me,
laughing cheerfully out loud when this somebody is being silly,
walking hands in hands in the city and feel like Im the luckiest girl on planet,
being told that im beautiful,
talking on the phone with him at late nights just to hear his voice,
being understood and loved for being yourself,
being told that you are the most important person in the world for him,
and that nothing is ever going to change that.

and the only time I'll ever meet this "Somebody"
I think is when I fall asleep and drag them in to my dreams...

P/s: Can you take me to somewhere we can be alone ?!

- The End -

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