Jan 8, 2011

Bedtime stories

I always having hard time falling into sleep at night
Every night, I'll fluff my pillow and jump into the bed with my Iphone
slashing veggie (Veggie samurai)/watch youtube til I fall asleep
or else I'll end up insomnia throughout the night ;( FML!

But that day my finger was so tired
so I end up youtube-ing
FYI I found something interesting while I'm youtube-ing,
in fact very interesting !
I found MyDamnChannel while Im searching for some bedtime stories ;p

Let's check out what's interesting about it

My top favourite from MyDamnChannel
(Warning : Please do not proceed if you're under 18)
18 sx !!!

1) The Frog Prince

2) Rapunzel

3) Little Red Riding Hood

4) Hansel and Gretel

5) Goldilocks

6) The Emperor's New Clothes


- The End -

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