Jan 4, 2011


Merry Christmas *singing Christmas carol*
and Happie New Year Peeps ;)

I know this post is soooo backdated.. Sorry la dey ;)
mina-dey (me) is so busy lately
and ana-dey (boss) is killing me softly every single minute-ne ;(
yes, I almost goes cuckoo-ne..
and almost die of high blood pressure-ne..
Btw I am flying to India for Aero India
on CNY and my burfday ;(
and "might" be staying there til Valentines ;( FML
So you would notice that I'll keep abu-ne-ne or dey-dey-dey in tis few days ;(
Can't get to celeb cny this year
But mina-dey is bringing Taiwan sausage, red packets,
my new bra and panty to India-de-ne..
Uh, did I miss out anything ?
Hope I still manage to smells CNY atmosphere once Im back-de-ne


OMFG! It's January.. Time flies
Well, let me refresh back what I did this year

January : Happily shaking leg @ home as mina-dey is jobless
February : Finally, Siowen is back from US ;)
celebrating my burfday and valentines with my dearie
March : Start my new job @ UA
April : First defense job - DSA @ PWTC
May : Can't recall/Ntg special
June : Can't recall/Ntg interesting
July : Can't recall
August : My first trip to Malacca with bestie
Sept : Can't recall
Oct : Octoberfest - BEER !
Nov : My first business trip to babi laut
Dec : Busy with holidays + shopping ;p

Darn, my memory failed BADLY or I am down with Alzheimer-de-ne ?
or should I said my life is so DULL, uninteresting, boring til I can't recall what's going on for the past few months.. SHIT ! ;(

Woops, time to work..

Will blog about my new year resolution in my next post ;)
but my first new year resolution in 2011 is
EAT MORE VEGE(s) !!! forced by my mum.. SHIT!

Taa !!!

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