Apr 25, 2011

Grumps @ Kelana Jaya

Went for dinner @ Grumps, Kelana Jaya with familee ♥

It is a great weekend,
I never had sucha naise weekend with familee
eversince dad was down with kidney failure ;(
Dad slowly adapting to it..
and I'll be supporting you each and everyday ;)

Lub u DAD ! ;)

(Food corner)

Btw, here is my yummylicious creamy mushroom spaghetti carbonara
Rating :

Half-half pizza of hawaiian + tuna crab
Rating :

Sausage + Pork
Rating :

Fried Pig Skin
Rating :

Creamy fish fillet
Rating : ♥♥

Pst! Should have try the Pork lasagna which is highly recommended by Foursquare ;p

Next is McD + Movie day with ♥

Due to we have so many hours before the movie (Roommate)

AhBee decided to have a try @ Stars Archery ;)

Taadaa, this is my macho Ah Bee with big tummy ;p

and another picture of him, tummyless ;p
(NO photoshop effect, 100% original) tee-hee!

After that, we went to McD as we have 1 hour and 30 mins more before the movie
we were so boring, t4 we took up to 40++ pictures.. fml!

thats my oh-so-boring face

and that's my oh-so-annoying face

and that's my oh-so-acting-kiut face ;p

and he staring at me, trying to ambush my drink..
Evil him

Me acting kiut again.. tee-hee !

oh-my, this picture doesnt looks like me at all..

doesn't know I am so short ;( Hate it !

He hiding behind me -_-lll trying to hide his fatness
but failed terribly and miserably ;p
mua ha ha ha ha ha ..... hahahahahhaha !!!

me, thinking how to bully him ;p

He feeding me ice-cream, yes, I am so manja ;p

- The N -

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