May 3, 2011

Rhythm of love ♥

After 2 and a half days of holiday due to Labor Day, I'm back to work again and it ain't fun at all. Wait a min, not because I don't love my job. I still love my job, I love events & exhibition. I enjoy every process of coordinating and planning. I loves seeing the successful of each and every event after all the difficulties and long hours of hard work. Words can't describe the excitement and how much I love it.

But I realized that I don’t enjoy work that much nowadays. I feel like dragging myself every morning to work. Even at work, I question myself sometimes, asking questions like “is this all there to my life? Where is the excitement?. Where is the ol' me? who never get bored of new projects." but when ever I start complaining, I know it's time for job hunting.

Maybe I lost my interest. I don’t know.. or maybe I’m getting bored of the work-load, the 24/7 finger-pointing, the irresponsible boss and etc. Sometimes I really don't know what should I believe and who is real. So before I goes cuckoo, questioning myself and differentiating every tiny bit that is happening in the office. I think I'm ready to move on, finding something new. Preferable a job that is not monotonous and mundane or else I’ll get bored alot more quickly. tee-hee

I think the new environment is another process of self-discovery for me. Since working here, I got to know some character traits in me that I was not aware off before or denied having. First discovery: I like the simple life and things to be simple. So, you will never see my Facebook status showing “its complicated” again.-:) Even now, I yearn for the simple pleasures in life, family and friends and other stuff that matters. I also notice the tendency for me to go for small and simple assignments as opposed to large and complex projects.

So, work has been a process of self discovery for me. Sometimes painful but at the end of the day, all is good. The experience will prove beneficial for me as I chart my next step. So, what is my next step? All will be unveiled in my next series of ramblings.

- The End -

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