Sep 5, 2011

Everyday shufflin' - LMFAO

Hello Zouk, Phurture and Velvet *scouting*

Yes, I finally went out partying after like a godzillion years of antisocialness..

I still remembered my last party was on Oct 2010 @ Opera, omfg, i know it was like eff-ing decade ago wtf.. I know I am so anti-social at times.. but sorry la dey, i was getting old you see.. hardly stay up til midnight anymore, can't really open my eyes once the clock strikes past 11 o'clock.. FML!

Picture time !

Imma gonna show you my very first color lense which took me hours to put-it-on.. FML!!!

I almost bang myself on the wall putting it on.. Successful after countless trial.. Insya-allah, halle-luyah and amithabah... it almost kills me..

Taddaaa !! My honey color-lense.. lub it max !!!

can't stop myself from cam-whoring

Thats all for tonight.. ADIOS !

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