Aug 16, 2011

LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie, Kuala Lumpur

Pst! Did I tell you I'd a lubly weekend ;) as Xin came to kay ell..
This time she's driving here altogether with po po
so PROUD of her, she's all grown up nao.. so do I ;) *watery eyes*

Hardly catch up with all my dearie cuzzie as we're all big nao, bz catching up with works all the time. Duh! I miss the ol' time whereby we're playing Barbie Dolls/ Masak-masak and etc. But now, we're only interest in shopping instead of barbie dolls anymore ;p

Anyhoo, this time besides shopping.. I brought her to LeVain Boulangerie.
A french-style bakery cafe, a best place to CHILL AND RELAX
Wanted to visit LeVain long-long time ago,
as it's frequently mentioned and highly introduced by a numbers of bloggers
and so, here I AM ;) to taste it myself.. heh.. excited max !

The one and only one thing that I wanna try the most is :- Macarons ;) Too bad we're late, or else I would had bought chocolates macaron ;) If you are a fan of durian, you shud try their Durian flavour macaron, not bad thou ;) and orange !

Besides macarons, we ordered their set dinner too - Raya set dinner if im not wrong but I couldn't remember how's the menu-like.
So let's just enjoy the picture ;)

Caught Xin and SK enjoying their food ;)

See how SK looks like behind the camera.. heh

Looks like he's having LOVE-HATE RELATIONSHIP with the chicken.. *Drooling eye*

Btw, its really a good environment for tea, coffee and ME ;p
So please bring me along if you are heading to LeVain for lunch/dinner ;)


Few hours before LeVain, we went shopping @ Pavilion.
Visiting both of my fav stores but coming home empty-hand
Sounds unbelievable and impossible huh.. so do I
I guess I m down with anxiety or dunno-what-so-ever shit sickness that can possibly attack my brain so that I can stop shopping 100%-ly. FML !
My life is ain't FUN nemore.. FML twice !!

Been really caught up with work til I hardly play-around with my Canon S95,
So here's some snapshot I took at Tokyo street ;)

Look!!! Who I found !!!!!

Did i tell you that I am a small fan of domokun ;) *shyaway*

OKOK. a proper one with DOMOKUN !
How i wish to smuggle him home ? and acc me to sleep every single night
*watery eyes*

Snowflakes ;) Nom nom nom..
Sucha nice things to chew after a tiring walk in sucha hot weather ;)

- The N -

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