Apr 24, 2012

Diary of an e-shopaholic

Goodness me! Time flies, I'm such a bad blogger! Ever since I stopped shopping, I sorta lost that desire to blog daily cos I don't have any outfit of the day to blog about. I know this is BAD, very very BAD ! T4 i decided to shop more from now on so that I can bombard my lovely lil blog ;) Guess I've found a good excuse to shop moreee..tee-hee!

 Just like my title: I SHOP TIL I DROP !!!
*Peace for victory*

WOKAY let's see what I got for the past few weeks ;)

Longchamp Darshan Transparent Bag
for RM 45 only... 
I know its not authentic, I shud support original
but being a cheapo, I don't care
cos its sucha good deals in sucha low price ;)
mua ha ha ha ha ~~~
am i right ? *wink wink*

Hermes leather belt RM 20 + Cartier ring RM 35
Another great buys ;)
Easy paired Hermes belt for work

and couple ring w dearie bee which I got him during my working trip @ BKK ;)
Imma sucha good girlfriend

Another great purchase is :-
CDG Tee @ RM 40 each
I know it's kinda exp but trust me, its worth the price lo
1 for my idiotic bro
2 Tee for my sayang
and last but not least, 3 pcs for me ;)
Extra piece for me cos Im cute among all of them.. wtf ! 

Vanity Trove @ RM 50/mth
Introduced by my short cuzzie a.k.a Linda T

Newly launched in December with SKII product - missed it ! ;( hmphhh

Let's see what I got on March

 Astalift product

Looking forward to receive my April trove
Arhhh~ girls just like beautiful surprise.. so do I !

Thats all for now as I m uberly broke after all the intensive shopping spree..


- The end -

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