May 2, 2012

ETUDE Product Review

Hey, ladies..
Today I am going to do a product review, to be exact :- it is BEAUTY PRODUCT REVIEW. *evil grins* I know I am a 'virgin', I mean newbie when it comes to beauty/cosmetic BUT there is first time for everything right ?

So although I do sounds unprofessional but trust me, all INFORMATION are 100% newsworthy and trustworthy *wink wink* 

My skin has pretty much gone crazy on me lately with little breakouts and just looking incredibly dull. I was kinda freak out, worried that this is one of the growing old symptom wtf + my bad, dusty and unhygienic working environment. So I did some research, opt for any magic formula to remain young... tee-hee *smack head* til I found this :- ETUDE PEEL SO GOOD FOAM CLEANSE. I saw there's alot of people commenting on the cute packaging and most importantly :- REASONABLE PRICE ;)

It is first started with ETUDE Baking Powder (which I read from CherrieL's blog) and revamp into Peel So good foam cleanser Enzyme Peel with better results and improvement.

All this while I have VERY sensitive skin so face scrubs are something I can rarely use because they are too grainy and just leave me looking sunburned. But this ETUDE product just rocks! My skin not only feels smoother but I looked more "glowy" too ! ;)  
So it is highly recommended to all of you ladies + men ;)
Esp those who had sensitive skin as me.

Another featuring product from ETUDE is House Petit Darling Range. I bought this 3 in 1 nail colour polish (as pic attached).

Super chio right. I can do my own manicure at home now ;)

Let's see my first try ;) Tadaaa ! Chio right ?
Kindly ignore my ugly old hand -_-lll Despite the ugliness of my hand, it still looks WOW right ?

I know you can't really see it from this photo, so i decided to upload another picture which you can see clearly ;) tee-hee

And another product which I bought from Etude is the Wonder Pore Freshner. 

Yet-to-try, but I hope it helps ;) as the sales girl keep pushing and recommend this product to me. It written :- a total solution for pore care, preventing enlarged pores, less firmer skin and skin troubles by eliminating what hurts skin health from within. If it is superb useless and effect-less, act nothing from what it written on the cute packaging. I will KILL the sales girl... Bua ha ha ha ha ! Kidding !

Hopefully it can makes my open pores looks less visible *finger crossed*
Thats all for TODAY.

- The End -

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