Jul 11, 2012

Chocolate chips cookies with MEME

 I just baked chocolate chips cookie yesterday.

Sound unbelievable ? I know, so do I. But undeniable I really just baked chocolate chips cookie.
Yay !!!

I know I m just too talented from inside out, good wife material I shall say ;p LOLOL !!!

 Gee, why am I so thick-skin one wtf

Surprisingly it turns out kinda good. Even Obama also says :

I think I really should stop working and start focusing on this full-time baking thing. I think I m kinda talented in this *flip hair*. 

And please do not compliment me anymore.. I'll shy heh

But for sure I'll gain extra kg(s) due to my work is all about baking and eating. FML !
So what if I get fat and I can't marry-out eventhou I am multi-talented ?

Hhahaha ! idiot me... I shall just stop all the meme-nonsense thingy on my blog.

Tadaaaa !!! my first time baking and it is really as easy as ABC and I will bake more from now on cos Shaun said he'll love me if I know how to bake this ;)

You may drop me an email at ms.lynettee@gmail.com for recipe ;)
Sharing is caring. I m not that kedekut ilmu ;)

 - The End -

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