Jul 3, 2012

Tour around KL/Selangor

I am back from Singapore :) So fast right ? ;(

Someone told me that this is the first time and only time whereby I m eff-ing free.Wtf! 
 Indeed, cos its only a 5 x 6m booth with no hanging point, no special request, no fussy client, no additional add-on, NOTHING at all. Happy max !

Thus, here's a pic of my beloved booth ;) 
A simple, nice small little booth..

And the amazing part is, it's 90% done before I reach. So its mean shopping time heh ;) since my client is not there yet of cos. I m a hardworking staff kay !!! But I m better when it comes to slacking and shopping ;p 

OMG !!! 5 days in Singapore without bosses is fantabulous *wink*


Btw I've been really busy for the past few weekends, being a tour guide for Mo. 
Haven't had any chance to rest yet as we're too busy bringing her from east to west of KL/Selangor.

We bring her for Korean cousine @ Korean Village. 

Mum. Nette. Mo's hand -_-lll
And we went to Putrajaya right after the dinner for a short sight-seeing. Had been introducing Putrajaya (the modern federal administrative centre of Malaysia) to all my foreign clients but me myself had not been there before. Shame on me !!!

Picture of a Seri Wawasan Bridge @ Putrajaya

*Cough* I did my homework too wokay. 
Im a qualified professional tour guide ;) Cannot buta-buta introduce to people without research ;)

Mo.Linda.Nette @ Seri Wawasan Bridge, Putrajaya

Hahahhahaa ! I know I looks like a tourist more than her. But Im really super excited cos I live here for so many years, but I've never been here before. Sad~~~


And last weekend, we bring MO to Pulau Ketam. 
As usual I m super duper excited because I'd not been there too ;p tee-hee!
The night before that, I was bz choosing my outfit, packing my bag, charging my camera and the list goes on and on until lil shauny also 'no eye see'.

Tadaaaaa. Here we are ;)

A picture of me - to prove im here before because I don't think I'll be visiting Putau Ketam for the time being. Undeniable, its a really good place for seafood - whereby all the things that we flush-out from the toilet would be recycle through-out the sea. So i guess it means we eat back our own poop via the seafood that we consume ? ;p

Lunch of the day

 After that, we walk around - taking pictures of temples and floating houses. Then off we go to Paradigm mall. A new mall at Kelana Jaya - heard alot from friends so decided to stop by and check it out esp Payless shoe store but I still find it kinda expensive. Not my cup of tea, sorry! Walk around for few minutes but nothing much caught our interest. Then we proceed to Puchong for Shabu-Shabu ;) since Mo loves pork alot.

Excited Mo with her pork slice

I guess thats all. Eventhou I have another set of pictures where we brought Mo to Central Market, Chinatown, Museum textile and National Mosque. 

I guess I m now a certified Malaysian for now ;)

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