Jun 10, 2009

Nothing Last Forever

I thought you doesn't care me anymore til today u told me
u'r still reading my blog
altho you read it once it a blue moon
but its already more than enough
*It meant alot to me*
anyhoo, I don't think you'll read every single words
Do u ?


I've been convincing myself, yes I'll find someone new.
I won't be alone and I won't be with you.
I'll be on my way. Its gonna take time, but I'll be ok.

But this time its over, and I'm still keeping my heart,
I told myself I'm gonna be strong, and not fall apart.
It'll get better, I'll no longer cry.
In a couple of weeks, I'll be able to sleep.
It won't hurt so bad *I hope*

I'm going to smile and make you think I'm happy.
I'm going to laugh so you don't see me cry.
I'll be doing whatever i can just to make you happy,
and even if it kills me, I'm still going to smile.

As days go by and you aren't there, its like flying without wing
*tats where the onewingangelic inspiration came from"
I want to tell you what I'm feeling but I don't know where to start.
I want to tell you but I'm afraid you'll break my heart.
I want to tell you but I'm afraid that you'll leave me again
I want to tell you but I'm afraid we can't even be friends anymore
I want to tell you so many things that kept in my heart all this while.

So now I say the things I want to say,
sometimes its better letting go this way.
I'll always know deep in my soul that we really had so far to go.
I've given all I've had to give and now its time for me to live.
And I won't look back and I won't regret,
although it hurts like hell. Someday I will forget you

Although you may not love me, although you may not care,
if you ever really need me, you'll know that I'll be there!
Your love may be taken, your heart may not be free,
but when your heart is broken, you can always lean on me.
I'll never stop loving you, I know because I've tried.
All the oceans in the world can't hold the tears I've cried!

But see now I'm afraid I'm falling in love with you again...
Please do not blame me
Please do not avoid me anymore
I just want you to know it's hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does

Once u told me :
Forever Means Forever...
And Not Just A Couple Of Days...
You Promised Me Forever...
But Forever Didn't Stay...
Once You Said You Loved Me,
But I Guess That Was A Lie...
Never Say Forever...
Cause Forever Makes Me Cry.
and its truly hurt me deeply.

Will the rain will hide my crying ?
Is there such a secret place the land of tears ?
One of the worst things to see,
is the one you love with the one they love.
You didn't say anything to hurt me.
It's what you didn't say that made me cry.

You took the "L" outta LOVER and now its "over"
and I finally understand
"L"is forever a LIE instead of LOVE

You know how people say that if you wish for something enough it will come true...
well I've been wishing for you every night and you still aren’t here.
*Where's my Genie in the bottle ?*

You told me if we're meant to be together, we will be..
But sitting here waiting; without giving a try
You'll just end up neglecting chances
while you realized, it's not the right timing anymore
you'll miss the opportunity and the chance

- Take care -

P/s: I'll be still loving you forever


★ whoaamello ★ said...

This was a really good post. I'm glad I read it and I hope you're okay.

Lynette said...

Gee, thanks !
I'm glad that you willing to spend your time reading it too..

I think i'll be ok...someday! u too! be tough girl ! i'll support ya *winkz*