Jul 24, 2011

Instax Mini 25.Fujifilm.Polaroid

My new toy ;)
after 4 years to decide, 3 months to survey, 2 days to made payment. FML!
I know imma kinda fickle-minded at times ;p

Got it for RM 410 inclusive 1 box of film ;)
Most importantly, ready stock with Free postage
After so many days, months and years of waiting

And I bought a masking sticker set too
RM 15 each..

and I got myself a polaroid album cum organizer for RM 40 via online
Fall in love with it when I first saw it selling in Bangkok, Singapore and etc for RM 60 and above..
Luckily I never bought it cause I found it selling much cheaper via online. All I have to do is sit here quietly and wait for eff-ing 5 freaking days as it's courier all the way from Korea

This is LOVE ! Love it max !

And I bought myself a polaroid bag too.. for RM 15 at Chatuchak, Bangkok
Altho this bag is not mainly for polaroid but the compartment can fit my camera + 2 instax perfectly ;)

FYI girls being girls, are always that ma fan, always attracted to those cute little sweet things. Beside getting myself a camera - I hafta spend on the film, sticker, bag and album. Therefore I announced I m officially broke for the rest of the month.. FML!

Sekian terima kasih and Taa !!!


Gogo said...

I'm surveying the mini 25 too! mind to share where you purchase urs?

Lynette Lee said...

I bought it online.. http://www.facebook.com/YeongsInstaxShop?v=app_4949752878

Hope it helps ;)

Gogo said...

Thanks for sharing! How abt the masking sticker? Same seller as well?

Lynette Lee said...

Bought it here ;)

Ehm Uhh Lee said...

Do you happen to remember the name of the Polaroid bag..? it's so cute !!! & where you bought it?
Thanks !!

LOMO said...

hi sweetie. may i know where u bought the map polaroid album? it's so cute~

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering where you got your bag from? It's so cute!

Lynette Lee said...

LOMO : I bought it from a Gmarket.com.sg. Hope it helps ;)

Anonymous : I bought it at Chatuchak, Bangkok..

Adeline90 said...

Hi Lynette, i accidentally visit your blog..saw that you're using instax camera.. i got sell those films and accessories too.. Feel free to have a look at my Fb page @ www.facebook.com/seduisantcam

Have a nice day =)