Jan 20, 2013

Weekend @ IKEA

Updates of the week : IKEA
my favourite hang-out place besides shopping *cough*

Btw this is the 3rd time I went to IKEA this month.. FML

Boyfie likea to hang around outside rather than couch-potato-ing at home with me *sob*
so being a good gf, i shud obey whatever he said #goodgfmaterial LOLOL!

 He just love Damansara area as compare to Sg wang or TS but he wouldn't said "NO" when his beloved madness gf (ME) wanted to shop desperately *u know the times when u r superb moody and just wanna buy something to ease ur unhappiness*  which it will definitely happens few times a month so you tell me how not to shop ?! #forevergoodexcuse LOLOL!!!

Kindly ignore my super messy hair, I promise I'll comb my hair next time kay

Went cabinet hunting for my idiotic bro. Tadaaa !!! Luckily we found it or else he'll mumble and grumble all day long !! Sometimes I wonder how can a 20 years old lil boi can be sho long-winded, worst than my 80 years old granny. 

I just love to play with their trolly
Warning : Kiddo under 25 years old are not allowed to play with it

Beside IKEA, we went IKANO, CINELEISURE, and eCURVE. Since it's all interlink together, sho convenient its just the matter whether u would like to walk or not.

 Boyfie just like to snap my ugly moment ;(

Popular at IKANO. A good hang-out place for poor shoppers like me. Life is hard, money aint ez to earn *sob*

Dinner time

Thats all for today

Baibai !!!

OOTD : Giyongchi Tee, Black simple legging, Black converse

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