Jan 6, 2013

Picture post

Went Bak Kut Teh with Le Bestie last Friday. 
Its been almost a month plus that we have not seen each other, and it always feel so good to catch up with each other again.. esp after-all the stress and unhappiness at work.  Yes, I'm not in a good mood lately.  DON'T ASK ME WHY !!! or else you'll see me start cursing or swearing instead of blogging properly. ahem

After BKT, we went yum cha. We were ranting about work, work and work. You can see how LIFELESS we are. FML! Never tot I'll feel good after blah-ing everything out. 

Another backdated catch-up with Le Bestie at Studio89, PV

Nevertheless the environment is GOOD and esp right after you have a sip of BEER.. tee-hee ;p Kindly ignore my kaki botol look. You see how happy is Le Shaunny.

Angry Shaunny, as if im stealing his beer. Isk, so stingy..

Le Bestie in their zebra stripes

We start purchasing online coupons since we're meeting up almost every week. Not bad thou cos we are able try lotsa food in a lower price esp with your favourite grp of mamalia ;p Since all of us is Food Lover. Now you know why we are so FAT.. FML twice.

We have 7 big & long~ german sausage *cough*

We have 7 side dishes of french fries, hotdogs, squid, chilli prawn, fried prawn, fried chicken balls. 

Pork knuckles - our main hero dish

       Can you see the amount of food ? Excited max and its RM 120 only.

Outfit of the day
Top from Sg Wang
Black legging
Vincci studded flat

 food posting - Thai food and Fish Farm Thai, Hulu Langat. Went with Le family ;) 

with Le Papa and Mama, Popo, cuzzie, Le Xin's boyfie *wink wink* and not forgotten Le Shaunny

Celebrating Le Ashley's burfday at Palette Palate.
Sorry for all the bad quality pic. Seldom took picture lately, all pictures are stolen from somewhere else. 

 Beer again. Yum ~ 

Another food posting of Doarae, Sri Hartamas while my DAD is not in town ;p

Signed up for a new beauty box - ModBox. RM 19 + RM 7 for postage a month. Full information, kindly click on Modbox

Went celebrating Le Epal's burfday at La Bodega, Sri Hartamas. Have been hanging alot with this girls. Love much. But good times usually ends early SIGH

Best purchase of the month ;) Wanted so much to purchase this blouse, saw it selling online for RM 55 but i got it at RM 39.50. Yay !!! Thanks to Le Shaunny who acc me wandering around in the malls for good bargain ;) Thats our top weekly activities. LOL poor boy. smooch smooch

- Thats all -

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