Oct 18, 2007

Back to college -- by OnewingAngel

Heck, its Oct..
I gotta go back, back, back to college AGAIN !!
Holiday has come to an end
That’s mean no longer getting lots of action, having lots of fun
It's bye bye fun, get your assignment done

Attending Mr. Chuan’s class it’s just a pain
Culture is communication, communication is culture; destroy mua brains
I guess I’m going down with a fatal disease
Save my soul, the board of education took away my parole

school today was quite Umm....boring i guess,
the class seems never to end though.
The tutor, well, shes nice but not to me
then the module is absolutely boring.
Ok maybe, i have enjoyed too much during the holidays and
don't wish to go back to school so everything seems to be boring
Come on! who likes to go back to school again after like holidays,
How I wish everyday is a holiday,
That’s wat I alwiz say: live life the fullest
oh man , dream on!


draco said...

give you a theory:
study = no fail
no study = fail

no study + study = fail + no fail
no + 1 (study) = no + 1 (fail)

hence, study = fail


3=2+1 said...

so thats mean, we shud not waste our time to study ??!! since da result is study = fail...

3=2+1 said...

Fuiyoh, i lub ur theory la..prof.draco