Feb 11, 2010

First Homemade Video

Hello All !
As promised in my previous post..
Here's the exciting yet interesting BIG project that I'm busy with lately
So, lets put our hand together and
welcome my very first 'homemade' music video

Anyway, this was something we always wanted to try out.
Altho we're not a good singer as compare to our beloved Machi (Melissa Ting)
But we've tried our very best in singing, recording and editing.

We doesn't have any idea how this would go, but overall we winged it and did what felt natural to us. Obviously, we aren't UTube music stars so we knew we wouldn't be that good as compare to Alyssa Bernal or MarieDigby but we tried our very best. We practiced, filmed, and edited this all in roughly five hours. (Wat2do, its our first homemade video wokay) However, it didn't end fast/early as long as we thought it would, but we definitely learned how hard it is to do everything perfectly in one continuous take

My lil bro some more complained that I sang while I'm sleeping, he heard his beloved sis (me) keep Ra Ra-Ra-ah-ah, Roma Roma-ma-ma, GaGa Uh la-la *gulp*
I think I'm too obsessed with the songs ;p

Anyway, this is the first time either one of us have done something like this, so just come in with low expectations, hopefully you'll like it as how we love it too...

But if you're not ready to view it yet, kindly click (X) to exit this page before you end up having nightmare.

Enjoy =)

Original version

Edited version

Before anyone says this, I'm just going to say 'Please Don't Boo Us' yet..
Remember, this was all just for fun

and here is another video of us dancing Nobody by Wondergirls

Altho this is not a high beat hysterics dancing video but personally I lup this video very much, I almost peed my pants everytime I watch it...

and here is another video to end this post

Any comment about the video(s) above ?
Good ? Bad ? Clueless ?
What say YOU ?

Don't worry, I can accept harsh criticism..
altho I'll end up cursing @#fcukurmuthacb$%^
T4 u betta leave down Nicceee comment .. tee-hee!
Sounds like I'm threatening YOU ?
Yes, indeed.. *SMILE innocently*

Pst! Sorry for the quirky title ;p

- The End -


Richard Ling said...

they are G O O D .

Dylan Phuah said...

GREAT COVER! i'm waiting for MORE!
prefer your voice over gaga's. haha!

Lynette said...

Richard : Gee, thanks

Dylan : LOL! Thanks... Thinking to record "I'm Yours" next... Any suggestion ?

Dylan Phuah said...

oh really? cool! update me when ur done with the new song. :D

Wen Pink said...

Whoa not bad, girl!! Way to go!! :) cant wait for more songs! :)