May 27, 2008

Family or Love ?

As humans, we have the unique ability to make choices in almost all aspects of our lives, and while this may sound like a good thing, it can also be one of the hardest things we have to do!

Choosing between love and family, it should seem easy right wrong. That's when that whole saying blood is thicker than water comes in to play. Some people belief that there is no option, Family first. Your love is not more worthy than your family love. But not everyone agrees on this statement.

I’m always wondering how mystical is love really? Sought after, capable of sending us to emotional extremes from abysmal misery to irrepressible joy, love is often perceived as a force beyond mortal control. Is it as dumb, blind or arbitrary as we often think, and are we subject to its whims? Or do we actually choose carefully, if not always wisely, the partners we do? But when someone is madly in love, they made dumb mistakes, which are what young love does.

But if it was me, I’ll choose my family. In fact loves come & go, but family is forever. Whatever happens we will go to different ways in the future, and will be more individualistic. Your loves one may leave you for what ever reason but family? They will always stay by your side, support you and bring happiness to you. If one gone can you find any random person to replace them? That's my answer.

I know that we couldn’t say anything at this moment because you’re just not listening, you’re just too involved and "in love" with your "so-called current boyfriend" and you definitely need some time out for yourself to think things over. Think about it. Is this really worth putting your family (physical and mental) on the line? Eventually, you sound like a selfish brat although you’re highly educated person. I just realized that once people who are truly, madly, deeply in love; they can just speak out without thinking. What I can say is mind your words; think twice before you said anything. You’re not hurting your own self but your family. You really sound more like an “Ah Lian”. Stop comparing if you still acted naively, comparing wrongly hurts you but comparing rightfully helps you. Stop creating and fake it, starts learning and find out more about your love one is the key of happiness, laugher and joy.

As conclusion, you’re in ecstasy. “We’re disappointed that you are doing this”. You’re tearing your family apart. You are potentially setting yourself up for a whole lot of hurt here (not to mention STD’s!). I wish you the best of luck in believing his the guy who will love, respect and treat you right.

Remember !! A wise person would be the one who would be able to convince the family and love. Remember, family is always there for you, and your love may move on unless it's a part of family too. People should understand that if they prove themselves to be wise enough, their parents would definitely respect their decision with love. Parents are just always worried about the choices we make cos they believe we could go wrong in our decisions. A family is not just a bunch of people living together. It's a miniature culture, an area where you can find the missing parts of yourself. Giving up family is not a joke. Who are the people you think that would be most proud of your achievements? Your parents off course! In no conditions should you put them in the set of choices.

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