May 30, 2008

When bored speaks

I can finally send emails and blog and do the normal stuffs I do when I go online. Cheers!! Ok, I know I'm damn loser, posting something everyday, but I'm really damn bored lor! Sorry, I can't help it lah. And yes, current status is still jobless.

Woke up at 11 this morning. Amazing huh, received a morning call from a hum sup ah pak from AFF. Thanks ah pak who broke my horrible sleeping pattern. But I guess I just wasn't used to the morning sun, I got this horrendous giddy spell that makes my head goes dum did dum for the whole day.

Everyday raining like freakily crazily, don’t feel like going for interview. Yaya, im jobless, penniless, and brainless *snort*. Thanks to my own laziness. Altho i'm jobless at the moment, thus i have a SHIT load of time on my hands, and i can again waste my life away on the Internet like the good old days :) Zillion thanks to the person who invented internet.

Taaa !!

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