Jul 14, 2008

Another blah day

I'm having a really crap time at the moment.
I gray out at times and realize minutes have passed when I sit down.
I have trouble forming sentences I loose my thread easily and find myself saying "um, and then" over and over if I can even remember at all.

I think its all becos of :-
I’m angry at myself for not having a job.
I’m angry at myself for not looking for a job.
I’m angry at myself for not accepting the job.
I'm angry at myself for being rejected of the jobs that i'm craving for.
I’m angry at myself for being so fussy and stubborn about job.
I’m angry at myself for being so lazy as a result of hibernating in my pig’s nest

So last week, I make up my mind and go for another job hunting session. I had been searching for jobs all day in the burning hot weather (at home) applying via jobstreet.com in a freezing cold air-con room (Teehee!)
Minutes later, brother caught me couch-potato-ing; that was reserved for early in the morning when I finally awaken, Once more reminding me I was very, very alone. These did ease the pain, well, they just kept me in motion. All I needed was to keep my feet moving, and something would happen. Eventually it did, but before I even realized what was going on I decided to work in the City of Sin.

And yet I can’t make up my mind yet of which job that I’m going to work
PR executive or Account Servicing ?!!
Duh! Seems like I’m still having a really blah day


- End of story -

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