Jul 23, 2008

Coffee addict

Seems like I’ve been trapped in a superb long dream... but I just can’t recall what’s the dream was all about ? Not quite sure where am I and what am I heading to? and before I get to know it... I’m falling down from my bed. *Ouch!*

Oh well...

I am so not into a mood to blog and I have nothing much to say. I’ve lost my interest in working. I’ve lost my mind. I lost my words. Maybe I'm tired... maybe my life has become NIL. Everyday I’ll just stared at the clock, waiting for the time to past so that I can go home and crawl into my bed, wrapping myself like a sushi roll with the blanket full of my saliva.

*snort* I missed the ol’ days
Where I can jump back to my comfy bed when ever I don’t feel like going to school *evil grins*

Each and every morning, I hope that there’s an excuse for me to skip work.

Oh! I guess its time to sleep. Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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