Dec 26, 2007

Boring/Last Day in Spore

Its a boring day today, spent most of my day in spore counter-strike ppl's wifi to get online,
ntg much to do except login to facebook and start attacking people,
poking people, spamming ppl's profile and etc *evi; grins*
was too boring till i keep accepting boring application request on the facebook

1st . How will u die quiz
Old age
You're pretty chilled out!
You're going to live a long, happy life,
maybe even retire to an island.
Island ? hopefully its not P.Langkawi, P.Tioman, P.Perhentian *snort*
Either way, you'll be able to enjoy winters with loved ones.
You'll die asleep on a ferris wheel.
I swear i wouldnt take any ferris wheel ride from now on *snort*

2nd. What Blood Type Are You?
Your blood type is AB.
Your personality is popular yet controlled,
sociable yet aloof,Outgoing yet shy,
sensitive yet thoughtless,
a very split personality.
This makes you very exciting friend indeed.
You are most compatible with: everyone!

Famous Type AB's: John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Yeung

3rd.How Trendy Are You?

I'm the Girl's girlFashion and clothes are not that important to you. There are bigger and better things in life. A pair of jeans from Gap and sneakers does u justice. Your Swatch watch and your Ray Ban sunglasses are the perfect accessories for the season. Comfort in clothing is the most important thing. Sales are the best times to buy new clothes and a good time for a wardrobe makeover. People magazine is your best companion on the way to the saloon on a Saturday afternoon. You truly are a girl's Girl!

4th.How stupid are you?

You're an idiot! The word "idiot" is derived from a Latin word meaning "uneducated", and that's most likely what you are. But hey, some of the richest, most powerful people in history have been idiots... and maybe, just maybe, it's because we're all idiots? Nonetheless, you've earned this label, buddy. Come to terms with it or start studyin'.

Sob ><>

5th. Whats your love language

Acts of service

Your primary language of love is acts of service. When a loved one does a simple chore for you it speaks volumes about how much they care about you. Of course, different acts of service mean more to you - and that's up to you and your loved ones to figure out.

6th. What Band Member Are You?

You are "The Bassist"!
You're an easygoing person who's just happy to be here. Superficial things like fame and money don't concern you - let other people carry that burden. You'll reap the benefits of having the good life without all the problems and drama that come with it. And you're probably good friends with the drummer.
p/s : Do let me noe if u'r a DRUMMER

I'm Daffodil
You have a sunny disposition and are normally one of the first to show up for the party. You don't need too much attention from the host once you get there as you are more than capable of making yourself seen and heard.

You are "Elektra"!

So WHAT Jennifer Garner played you in a crappy movie? There's still a chance that, one day, you'll encounter ninjas! And that is the coolest thing ever. You're smart, sexy, and badass with a samurai sword. However, once people get to know you, they also find out you're kind and compassionate, and not just a crazed assassin hell-bent on revenge. But you are that, too.

You are "the Party Animal"!
Anyone who has ever uttered the phrase 'You don't know where the line is until you've crossed it,' obviously never crossed the line. What is a party for if not to push your limits? You see parties as a challenge - how much can I dance, drink, shout, fight, score, etc. Parties are a chance to get your name into the history books by doing something extraordinary so all your friends can say, 'hey, remember when?'
Thats it for TODAY. see ya tml
will upload my Spore pics once Im back to Kay-eLL *snort*
Taaa !!


wwh86 said...

babi is an idiot~~ hehehehe....

L-net said...

I noe im c2pid .. Tats y u choose to marry YI-PEI *sob*

wwh86 said...

no ark...idiot good ma... i like ark.... canot meh?