Sep 2, 2008

Fun Fun Fun Fair

Updates : Cuzzy brings piggy, bf and bro to Euro FunFair *YIPPIE!!* snort


I’ll get to know from my cuzzie that the Euro funfair has come to town and we decided to check it out last Saturday (which was on the Merdeka eve) since I’ve missed this event for so MANY times (Bukit Jalil, 1 utama and etc).

Omg, I just love FUNFAIR! Though the Euro funfair causes me a BOOM, a real big BOOM.

FYI, as time goes on, my enthusiasm for chasing down kiddie coasters in obscure locations begins to wax. Looking back, it was all rather amusing. But the highlight for my brother and me was a visit to the EURO fun-fair, intimately associated with having fun on MERDEKA with cousins and bf.

We’re having too much fun at the Funfair that I spent more than RM 300++ over there *sobs* till then I need to cut down on my shopping. Apart from the tonnes of goodies up for grabs and the many varieties of games to play, there are also some pretty interesting rides, and to my disappointment, there’s no House of the Dead but still we spend hours pouring pennies into numerous rides and games (Hook a Duck, Ball In Bucket and especially BINGO). Hurray !! Linda win me a BIG BIG pink melody but I am not going to show u *blueks*

But I have to say, the rides were quite fun and not that rusty looking compared to the rest of the funfair. Awesome rides I tell you! The equipments are pretty new therefore I assume the safety precautionary measures are better and the risk of dying is much lesser. Hallelujah !

Oh, and I must mention this.. altho its QUITE mem-per-siasui-kan but still I would like to share it with my reader(s) *winkz*. FYI, I am SO scared of the heights; but still I love to try every single ride. So, before I’m trying to grad or to hold anything, I’ve go HooHaa screaming “Wwaaahhh” like a mad woman and half surrendering to the not-even-high-enough-to-scare-you-to-death heights on the kiddie roller coaster. *Gulp* Luff me not !!!! I’m only able to try on those kiddy’s ride *sobs*

I spent the entire Saturday and Sunday night over there looking at the brightly lit rides. Seems kinda fun actually even though the rides look a bit dangerous.. Entry fee is only RM3 for an adult and 1 token costs you RM2. Go give it a try! There’s also the ferris wheel for those lovebirds out there. *evil grins*. Do note that this fun fair is pretty much a high budget one although you might not want to bring high expectations along when you go. Just have fun!

Now if you would excuse me as I need to take a hot shower and short nap.

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