Sep 17, 2008

I'm no longer a Mummy's little girl

It’s been really depressing lately to go to office so I’ve decided that I shall tender my resignation..

Type type type type~~~

I’ll lose all my drive for life and end up being a mentally disrupt person
So I make up my mind and hereby officially tender my resignation as an adult.
In answer to your TOP in mind question. No, I do not have a job lined up. Yes, this will likely be difficult financially. But my job is EVEN WORSE than being unemployed. Boohoo!

So I left a 55 hours a week job to live off the money I had saved slaving in it, nothing grabbed me. Make the move with something in mind and some way to support myself. Good luck to MYSELF !!

I’ve been hoping and praying and begging for this day for FEW months. And finally, I’m done with this evil empire, well as of next month I will be. This whole process began about 3 months ago. I can’t believe it, within months I went from being miserable of dead end position to giving notice!

And now I did it fantastically, I dunno, I guess I’m still just wowed.
And the satisfaction of tendering my resignation letter. Ahhh~~ It was beautiful. I’m so glad, finally I make up my mind to quit, as it got that out of my system. It was just so good, although having people just look and KNOW, without even asking. It must have been the smile, the spring in my step, the twinkle in my eye…. yeah, it was probably the giant shit eating grin that said SEE YA MUTHAFUKKAS!

The reason behind :- hostile work environment, long hours, zero vacation time, improper management, immature management, no workstation, you-know-everything attitude and bla bla bla

“This resignation is effective immediately and is non-negotiable.”
Her response?
“As expected!!”
My respond ?
“GLAD you do!”

To end the ennui, I tendered my resignation on 16 September. I’m not leaving just yet though, there’s a ONE-month notice period that I have to serve up – absolutely brutal. Usually when the thought emerges that it’s time to go, you kinda want to leave NOW, to drag it out over one month… but all along I knew that was the case, so in a way I was mentally prepared for it. There might be a mass exodus during this month. But hey, I did it! By the time I bid my fond farewell, I would have achieved my first benchmark, a goal I had set myself. So you see, I can survive. I did survive. And no, no regrets whatsoever. I have had a blast here.

And when I say “fond farewell”, there is not a trace of sarcasm either. Yep, the people and their quirks no longer irritate or disconcert me. I just laugh and shirk it off, accepting and appreciating all their perfect imperfections. As for social and work-related twists and turns, come, join in the game. See it for the game that it is and strategize your move to your best advantage, one that would serve to amuse and ease your final days. Why take it so seriously? Don’t sweat the small stuff. In the bigger scheme of things, we are mere players.

-The End-

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