Nov 29, 2008

Kopi "O" dua !!!!!!

I know I’m missing in action again. SORRY lorh! FYI, I wanted to blog like how other people do but I just cant because I’m just a poor naïve kid who gets cheated every time during interview(s). I just don’t understand why can’t they be a little more honest? Just tell me the truth although it might scare me away (>.<)

Wait a minute, I heard someone scold me stupid, is it "YOU"? I bet u do *sob*
Okay, FINE! i admit i'm stupid because this is NOT-THE-FIRST-TIME but I won’t blame others after all its started from my own stupidity or inadequacies.

However blog must go on, so here it is --- the summarization of the week for Net [Da] Pig

Gloomy Monday : Bosan !!!
Shadowy Tuesday : Boring !!!!!!!!
Wednesday : On MC *evil grin*
Depressing Thursday : Back to work ! But still very Sien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suppose to be Funky Fri but I’m going to work on Saturday so: - today it’s the amalgamation of BOSAN, BORING and SIEN-ness

Haih! Sometimes I wonder if there is a tinge of madness mixed into my superbly emo feeling; I don't know, is it possible to be a little bit bipolar? I do go through patches full of manic energy, lots of rushing about and always needing to be doing, like how I’m working now, I just can't sit still can't just do nothing.. And I am extremely tetchy and irritable, so much so that I look at the calendar and am surprised to find it's not 'that time' like how I miss the re-launching of Zouk.

Argh! I really need some time, time for leisure and pleasure. If I am allowed to be greedy, I wish to have more and more time, time to take silly picture and time to flood my blog *superbly evil grin*

O ya, here’s a picture of me in my new uniform. Tadaa !

Will be posting more picture of me if you never miss me AT ALL.

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