Nov 24, 2008

Kopi "O" satu !!!!!!

P/s : PLEASE, PLEASE, PLLEEAASSEEE ignore the title ! I know i'm sucks in title-ing

Yes, it's Sunday, and it's gloomy. Not totally gloomy. In fact, the sun is out and I’m almost turning into a roaster chicken while I’m standing in front of my house. Both hands on my waist, gazing up to the superb hot sun and I’m almost blind. Yeah! Stupid , i know.

It’s been a busy week, a slumber less week for me coz I was supposed to go out for drinks last night but ended up cancelling on it. I just couldn’t drag myself up from the comfy sofa I was lazing about in and about to snuggling onto my bed! Not forgetting the fact that I’m back to the 9-5 working life. And I know exactly whose laziness virus are to blame for that too.

My mood was colorless the entire day and that night but not anymore because I found something meaningful while I’m standing under the sun AGAIN (Stupid x2) because out of the moment I get to understand that with a limited life and quoted time to establish a bright and warm tomorrow I somewhat feel blank and uncertain about the result. But the superb hot burning sun make me understand the most important thing in my life is to cast myself into a useful implement, and my direction is first to enhance myself in a higher and qualified academy, then devote to the certain field of translating. Learn more about the unknown, be humble, and patient.

Ignore the outcome, enjoy the progression. Someday I may find it useful.

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