Nov 16, 2008

Pet society *Double thumbs up*

I know I'm missing in action AGAIN! Sowee lorh!! Recently I've been addicted to Pet Society. In this game, you are able to decorate your house like "THE SIMS" and even bring gifts for your friends *YIPPIE* when you visit them. HAHA! I'm sitting in front of my lappy 24/7 just to get all the trophies esp GOLD trophies. Till my lil bro call me , "SIAO" jie.. laughing at me non-stop because there is a section where u can bet for race. What ever i bet, sure lose. Damn SUAY -_-lll Memang takde "ONG".

O ya, eventually you're able to shop til u DROP from clothes to shoes and accesories to furniture. GAWD ! this games ROCKs lorh. I can't remove my finger from it. Everyday sitting there, waiting for GIFT *Ahem! obviously hinting to anyone of YOU*

** More screen shot so you can have a clearer picture of what this is all about **

Check it out !!!!

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