Dec 14, 2008

2nd Day : Net in Malacca

MORNING !!!!!!!!
Aha! frighten u guys with more and more cam whore pic(s) of me teehee

On the second day, Xin bring us to Dreambox (a karaoke place similar with Greenbox),
Jonker street and etc etc etc
Too many places til i dunno which cafe vs shopping centre that we went >.<

Photo of our tour guide -> Xin (Left) Me (Right)

Xin seeking for direction to Friends Cafe
cos we're lost >.<
Do we looks like we're lost ?!!
aint huh ?

and the next day
i'm back to Kay ell (My home sweet home)
aww, miss my comfy bed which is full of my smelly saliva

Last bt not least, i'll end this blog with my camwhore pics again
kakaka ~~~
Woops, ter-tutup mata
Next !!!

Net acting cute ?!! *gross*
Next !!!!!!!!!!Better ?!
Satisfy ?!!
Hell "NO" ?!!!!
Too bad, piggy is tired
No more photo(s) for today !!
Adios and good nite !

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jãCk said...

haha.. cute hairstyle