Dec 9, 2008

Mission Impossible : 10 Kg in 3 days

Net is B A C K with more update(s) !

Update 1 : Went pan mee-ing with my sorority sista again

Wen (Left) Right (Net da Pig) and Li Ting at the middle covered by Wen da Fatty
Wen da bad passenger disturbing driver -_-lll

Update 2 : Net at Happy Hippyz

Update 3 : Went to Malacca right after that to meet up with my dear Xin and grandma

Location 1 : Ole sayang at Melaka Raya

Dish 1 Tauhu Ole Sayang
Looks disgusting bt delicious
Dish 2 : Goreng sambal sotong
Dish 3 : Rice -_-lll
Dish 4 : Kangkung
Dish 5 : Telur dadar

Dish 6 : The most famous OTAK OTAK (1 plate for each table ONLY!!!)
Dish 7 : Gerang asam ikan
Location 2 : Tribe da Houz

That's all for today. Too many photo(s), t4 i only managed to upload 1/6 of it. Stay tune if u wanna see more photo(s) of Net da Pig


jãCk said...

I knew tat u r in mlk when i saw tat pic.. i mean u r in tribe. eheehe

Lynette said...

Oh! u went there often too ?!!
Hmm! undeniable its a good place to con lil girl.. keke! Jk !