Oct 27, 2010

End of oktoberfest !

A short update as I realized I really haven't been blogging for century.
Don't you guys MISS me ?
I know you MISS me truly deeply madly esp ah fai !
I know you're reading this ;) *evil grins*

Anyway, I've a confession to made,
I m late to office every single day ;) wtf
I just can't get rid of the slugabed virus inside me *Ergh*
or I m losing interest in this company ?
Yep, I am still not into a good mood *moans in agony*
I shud never be allowed to succumb to moments of weakness anymore,
People change, things go wrong, crap happen but life goes on
*Pats self*

Been really very busy with works, haven't been catch up with the girls/darlings for ages. But the irritating crazy guy is still disturbing as usual altho he'd been scolded seriously by me!!! fml!!!
What happen to me ?
Why am i so suay ?
Where is all the normal people ? come back to mua life pls..

I am so broke lately, used my whole month salary decorating my new bedroom ;) Downgrading my Queen size bed to single princess bed, and I got myself a pink egg stool for RM 99 while a low coffee table for RM 79. Aint its freaking and effing cheap ? I am so proud of myself and thanks to IKEA and to my lovey dovey cousin for fetching me to Ikea altho he's unwillingly and forcefully hafta do it and thanks to my hensem dad and cute lil bro for helping me DIY and fixing my table.. *Love u til max* muakx ! and YaY to mua favourite meatball, pasta (RM5) hotdogs (RM2) and ice cream (RM1) ;) How am not to be FAT ! You TELL me !!!

Gee, October is almost end.. Oktoberfest! Beers, Bottoms Up ! I am so gonna miss YOU !

Oraite, end of story, better get my arse back to work.
Lotsa shit waiting to be clean !

- The End -

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