Oct 29, 2010

It's Friday peeps

Holly Mama ! I'm late to work again..
thanks to the best invented snoozed alarm..
what seemed like a dozen times steadfastly trying to continue this wet dream I was part of. fml!

Anyhoo, Mummy Lee lighten up my day by sending me a cute email
with title : Can you smell Friday ?
LOL! I thought she's writing me a to-do laundry list or
'm grounded warning letter or whatever shit
But I m wrong ! I am so wrong

In the email, it written its Friday
I can smell it... the weekend its getting closer and closer
so put ur hand in the air and wave'em like u dun care cause
Let's prepare for FRIDAY dance..

T4 i decided to join the crowd and partey like a wild animal
celebrating Halloween 2010 ;)
Time to whatsapp, skype, bbm, ping, msn, fb all my sorority sister ;)


Did I tell you that I've lost my enemy ?
someone who I met a yr ago..
someone who I hate
someone who I loves to irritate and annoy
and also
someone who I missed talking to
he's the one I blah out all my
secrets/gossips/unhappy and happy shitty thingy..
But now I hafta kept everything to my own as there
aren't anyone out there for me..
So sad but true ! but life goes on ! fml !

I am still very happy for him,
I belief he'll have a better future out there ;)
All the best and I'll be there for you (mentally) ;p

- The End -

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