Oct 6, 2010

Korean cuisine @ Ampang's Korean Village

I know I know, I've been delaying this post far too long, forgive me. I've been busy, freaking busy..! but luckily today I've the chance to update my porky blog.. thanks to the sick virus ;) yeah, altho I am sleeping on my bed with bad running nose, cough + sore-throat but at least I've the chance to rest at home after weeks of work/dateline to rush - packing list, suppliers, freight forwarder and etc. Eventhou I am sick, I still hafta drag myself to work just to email the finalized packing list to the freight forwarder and checking for the light suppliers for our upcoming renovation job in India.. Fuh! but I surrender at last, I cant stand it anymore. T4 I passed the rest of my unfinished/pending job to my colleague while I got myself 2 days MC and rest at home ;) Hurray!


Nothing special lately, as I am too busy with works t4 no outing, no drinking but I found a nice place for Korean dining @ Ampang's Korean Village ;)

There is a reason for that particular spot in Ampang to be called Korean Village. It is dotted with so many Korean restaurants that even your own eyes cannot believe. If I am not mistaken, there should be about 20 Korean restaurants in the Korean Village. I can assure you that each restaurant can offer you a different gastronomical experience. No two restaurants have the same recipe for kimchi. :)

Can you see how excited she is ;p

This is all the side dishes which I find it kinda unique as they serves si ham also :p and it's refillable (thats what KAL's love the most) ;p

Let's eat ;)

Can't wait *slurp slurp*

We ordered 1 dinner set which includes a bowl of rice, traditional kimchi soup with glass noodles and BBQ beef which cost RM 20 only
*Unbelievable isn't it ?* ;p but its TRUE

and thats my favourite dish of the night :
Spicy Korean Fish cake ;p RM20


Little things about Korean cuisine:
-Cuisine: Korean, mostly barbecue
-Ambiance: Typical Korean restaurant with wooden chairs and tables. They do have rooms.
-Portion: Reasonable
-Budget: Reasonable with guaranteed be full after the meal esp the side dishes
-Location: To be honest, I do not quite remember where it is located except that it is in the Korean village. You will have do some rounds and when you see this apartment's guard house, it is right opposite of the guard house and situated in the middle row with orange signboard if I'm not mistaken

- The end -


Katherine Josh said...

Loquat is for cough and lung in Chinese medicine. Sometimes i would take the Ninjiom Pei Pa Koa which is an extract of loquat when got sore throat.

You can access info online @

Lynette Lee said...

Thanks for ur info ;)

Yep, my mum bought me the Pei Pa Koa and forced me to drink it like drinking plain water every single day while my dad bought those 'fu cha' with 2 packets of the powder which they assumed is best for sore-throat (3 days continuously) *sweat*