Nov 30, 2010

China 2

After coming back from China for almost a week,
I am still missing China alot..

I met lots of great friend over there.. esp 小莫
but I call him Ol' man ;)

the first person that talked to me while I'm in China
OMG! I miss him very de muchie...
altho I kinda hate him due to his slacking working attitude...

We SMS-ed almost everyday altho he doesn't know English while I doesn't know Chinese.. you must be wondering how do we communicate as we're communicating like a duck and chicken ;p weird huh! but eventually we understand each other.. Weirdx2 ! I know !

I couldn't contact him back here ;( as I m no longer using my China's number, I didn't even replied his last 2 SMS as I am busy touring and sightseeing in Macau..
Shit! but I don't feel bad at all ;p
So I decided to send him an email but idk why it keep bouncing back ;(
Maybe that's the end of our friendship..
Hopefully I still managed to catch him if I manage to visit China again..

Secondly is the standby worker

Ah Kin, the driver

He is sucha adorable person with weird sense of humor ;p

My sub-contractors, who treat us 10 dishes 1 soup every single day ;)

That's why I Lub them so muchie..

Last but not least, my new best friend..

Wyman da designer ;)
The one and only one who tease me short!
But he's the photographer for almost all of my pictures in China...

- Thats all, THE END -

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