Nov 26, 2010

China trip

Holla ! I'm back to my beloved tanah airku... Was away to China for business trip for 14 days but I don't think there are anyone who realized that I am missing in action! FML! Anyway, I have so many things to blah about my China trip.

FYI I was sooo freaking in love with China ;) I love their food, their culture, the weather and the fashion. I had minimum 10 dishes 1 soup for every lunch and dinner in China, yep, so I am freaking fat now but i don't care as live life once ! Happy first, suffer later! What say you ? ;p

I had been working 13 days, sometimes from 9a.m till 10/11p.m, non-stop! but luckily I still managed to shop around after work and a sightseeing tour in Macau despite my boss had been bringing us up down for food, food and food ;) and drinking session with the sub-contractors.. Luckily i was trained to drink by my dad or else I don't think I'll remained alive by now.. You should have see how crazy they are by drinking 52% of chinese liquor during lunch, i know we're so unprofessional to drink as we're still on duty. But it tastes good, love the aromatic smell which can light up the fire ;p FML! and we had 80 bottles of beer for bout 9 of us 2 days continuously.. Can u imagine how crazy they are ! But luckily the beer in China were kinda flat.. not strong as compare to beer we had in Malaysia.

Btw I was sleeping alone for the first 2/3 nights, the room was kinda creepy as you could heard lotsa weird noise during late nights but I love their breakfast buffet ! OMG! I am so in love with all the food in China and the superb crazy negotiation on purchases. I was conned on the first day but I grew smarter on the second day, shit, i feel so proud of myself ;p why am i so smart ? ;p Anyhoo, we shop @ Gongbei underground but i find that shopping at Gongbei Lotus Pavillion would be better as there are more younger and trendy stuff to be grabbed back and did i mentioned that it is freaking cheap ? hell cheap I tell you. ;p Oh gawd, I am soo soo in love with China. I think my happiest purchase are Spongebob's pyjamas!

Anyway, thats all for today. Will post more if I have chance ;)

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