Dec 2, 2010

As fragile as the glass...

Wtf am I doing right now ? Blogging during working hour while there are piles of work mountain up on my desk and SMS-es waiting to reply.. FML! What's wrong with me ! Wake up wake up.. Nette! you really hafta wake up !!!

Yes, I know I was like totally disappeared from this world for the past few days due to emo strikes. And I don't eff-ing care or bother to communicate with anyone and act like a spoil rude princess towards anyone and everyone.. FML! Yes, I told you, I've noticed that I'd changed, changed to someone I dislike and it definitely and certainly makes me hate myself even more..

And the only thing can lighten up my day is shopping ;) Haha! Yes, I was addicted to online shopping.. Eff the advanced technology of blog shop, online transaction and etc.. Shit me! I was very broke this month as I spend all my money during my business trip to CHINA with no regret !!! HAHHAHA! FML ! I think if i went China during the summer, I am so gonna declared myself as bankruptcy due to shopping bugs ;)

Another things that will brighten up my day is reading emails. Yes, that's the first thing I'll do once I reach office. Throw my bag, sit down, switch on my laptop, login to my email, read and reply before Im happily shitting and breakfast ;p Ever since I start working in this company, I had few very close foreign friends which we contacted via email/skype every single day. Reading their email certainly makes my day ;) and did I tell you that I finally received an email from 小莫 yesterday ;) I almost burst out in tears reading the email and I even told Jay about it.. I guess I feel more secure talking to someone who are 2479 km far away from me ;) Or maybe he understands me more than anyone else... Someone who I hate the most during work, end up being my good listener ? Wth!

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