Dec 14, 2010


This is coming from experiences, and also, Gossip Girls. Uncertainties make your life seem like a rocking boat in the middle of the sea, in which, there is absolutely no compass or whatsoever that could direct you back to the shore. You have to wreck your brains and only ending up taking chances with 50-50 probabilities.

One thing that you have been holding on for what seemed like forever suddenly changes, what do you do? You can't think straight no more. You don't know what is real and what is not. You doubt at almost everything. Faith evaporates right out of your poor soul. More uncertainties.

I am terrified of this. I can't seem to handle them well. I change myself, my beliefs. Thinking this change would protect myself. Hell yeah, I very well know its merely a self-denial kinda thingy. Life's a gamble. Now i know where that quote came from. Life is a goddamn true gamble. U either take chances or U TAKE CHANCES. Yes, NO CHOICE in LIFE! there's no definite answer to anything at all. Yeah, perhaps, the answer will be along the way as you live your life.

I was in dilemma. Working doesn't seems fun to me anymore. Nina left the company without telling me ;( We might not close to each other after some minor unhappy things happens at work but she is the ONE and only ONE who'll entertain me while I'm dead bored in the office. Everything's in the office is cracking up, its just like earthquake. I don't know whose the real friend and whose not anymore.. But the answer will be reveal soon, i doubt so *finger crossed* No guarantee !

- The End -

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