Aug 10, 2011

I hope I have long-term memory loss

almost forgot what it was like to have friends.
Friends who actually listened to what I have to say. I'd always have a friend I looked forward to visiting. But those times are long gone now. As I'd nobody to talk to anymore, I'd nobody to share all my problems and unhappiness, I'd nobody to gossip. I dare not even bother them with my so-called dramatic moment anymore, I feel terrible to disturb my bestie about my thingy. I'd never feel this pathetic shy before. My life has been going downhill, I think its just the beginning but I'd falling into a bottomless pit here.

P/s: Sorry I m not perfect. Take it or leave it. TQ. Please do not disturb me and my life anymore. I had enough..

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kenny said...

u really take me sudah mati ah ?