Aug 8, 2011

Iphone 5

Hello August! Heh. SORRY for disappearing for more than a week (which nobody even gif-a-damn) but here I m blogging out of no where again, hate me not :P Anyway, time flies huh? It's August already, another few more months to 2012. Wth! Btw, happy berbuka puasa to all my dear friends ;) Can't wait for all the house visiting with stomach bloated with ketupat, rendang and etc... *excited max!*

Goodness, I’ve been so caught up with things in the office lately! Ever since Im promoted, things hasn’t stop ever since! I'm still seriously busy at work which makes me seriously unhappy. It's also giving me a serious headache. But I can't call in sick to work because if I fall any further behind, I'll be dead, my boss will buried me alive. When I said it, I mean it! FML !

But luckily, something brighten up my day after all the hard-work and crazy politics @ work. Cause dad bought me an Iphone 5 ;) woot woot! Who doesn't love present aite..? I lub it til the max altho I hardly use it as I've a Iphone 4 ;) *wink wink*

But good things shud share rite ?

So here's a sneak peak of mua new Iphone 5 in white


and I bought myself lotsa lotsa Iphone4 casing ;) I know Im sucha spendthrift cha bor.. But I-DONT-CARE !

Went to Lowyat today to buy myself this 3 Iphone4 casing which Im craving like shit

From left : Diecut Cat design case in black, Panda Slim back case and last but not least - Kate Spade polka dots ;)

My previous purchase which I m still lovin' it ;)

and souvenirs from my sorority sis from Taiwan ;)

Ipad casing - blink blink ;)

Iphone4 casing which is uberly blink too.. heh

- The N -

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