Feb 12, 2008

Happy Micket Yr 2008

Happy Rat Year everyone!!!

It is the year of the rat, the first of the 12-year cycle of animals in the Chinese zodiac. The rat is supposedly a protector and bringer of material prosperity. Rat is also associated with aggression, wealth, charm, and order, as well as death, war, the occult, pestilence, and atrocities. Yippee.

I am personally just worried that the rats of DC will decide, “It’s OUR year!!” and raise a revolt. Have mercy upon us.

Living in the city, there are some rats that dwell in the alley behind our house. I was disgusted when I first saw them one night, running around my garden. Actually, they were so large; I first thought they were small cats or an opossum or something. But no, those were rats. I saw them again another night and another night. I usually just looked away quickly in horror, but then one night I started to watch them. This one rat just kept going left and right of the garden near the fishpond, over and over. It was hilarious. I would look out the window and –oh!, there he was again! — left and right, up and down. I named him Mr. Choi San Yea. And you know what happens when you name something — it brings me wealth *I Guess*.

There appeared to be the only rat in my garden, though my research on the species indicates that there are always many more, which is a somewhat disgusting thought.

We tried to live peacefully with the rats. This was in part because it is really hard to get rid of rats in the city, so I felt resigned to accepting them as neighbors. Whenever I walked outside, I would greet the world by shouting, clapping my hands, and stomping my feet (the joy of the Lord is my strength, you know) to scare any rats away. All of this may sound insane to my suburban or rural readers, and it is, but just substitute some cuter pesky creature — a raccoon, perhaps — and it may make more sense.

One week later, I still have not heard or seen anything else suspicious (at least not in the creature-in-the-house department), so I am just trying to convince myself it was a squirrel on the roof, or an auditory trick, or the dogs next door. I just pray the year of the rat is *not* the year the rats take over my home. Anyone have a nutcracker and an army of wooden soldiers I could borrow? Or I shall say I need DORAEMON *sobs*


Lack of updates, I noe.. but
I was effing sick (fever, flu, cough, sore throat) for the past few days during cny
I cant stop myself from Dong Dong Chang for the past 3 days (cough and sneeze)
Mr. Rat , where r u ?!! u neva protect me huh
I tot the rat is supposedly a protector *disappointed*

I need some sleep
I need panadol
I need blanket
Taa !!a

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