Feb 5, 2008

Im six feet tall

22nd of Jan 2008 was the last day in coll for me if Im able to pass every single subject for the last semester. It was a big relief to finally get to the end of semester. I still surely have a lot of work to do such as lazy-ing, spring clearning, getting a job, tailor-ing, business-ing, traveling and cny-ing. Gawd !! I need to start brushing, blow-dry and comb-out my hair everyday and get myself used to the tragic traffic jam. But at least, no more attending classes next week and weeks following next week. Hahahaha!! Anyhoo, no more waking up in the morning and driving to campus barely waking up with my pajamas! Early classes usually kept my adrenalin level high by giving me some morning excitement. Thanks god that it has come to an end. Hurray !!

Oh gosh !! U know wert, I ter-swallow the chewing gum that I took last 2 days and I just realized it today *snort*. Yaya, I shud just bang my head on the wall rite now. Well, I guess I shall thanks to my evil bro who’re unintentionally tempting me with his chewing gums and of cos, it’s due to my own greediness too. So I definitely need a reverse bungee session, anybody care to join me ? But on the bright side, at least now i know that a ppl wouldn’t die after swallowing chewing gums for days...oh and I can feel that the gums’ were glued on my intestines and etc. So far so good, looks like my stomach is holding up, haha!

Every ones left – Linda, boyfriend, girlfriend and etc *yawn* I hate the feeling being left alone. Everyday doing nothing, filling my empty days playing Facebook and I start to get bored with it *rolling eye*. Darn, I am sooooooo~~~ boring and lonely. Finish watching 53G movies that kept in my external hard disk (the L word, America Next Top Model (Season 9), Hong Kong Chinese dramas n etc). I’m waiting for another 40G marvelous and sensational movie from Sw *winkz*. But b4 tat I wonder how I am going to make my days more exciting and interesting. If I could choose, of cos I would like to shop, shop and shop but no more shopping spree, as I am abso-abso-absolutely broke at this moment. Oh gawd!! Where is my Genie in the bottle ?!! Taa !!

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