Jan 30, 2008

Moi bday wishlist *wink*

WARNING!!! Shameful wanting ahead

Read on only if you dare!
My birthday is 6 days ahead!
I will be turning 22!
Holy smokes!

That is awfully close to 30 yah?
I'm always in denial when February comes rolling in.
For one, malls start playing Chinese New Year carol... ugh!

Chinese New Year shopping!
And, in few more days I'll be turning a year older. OLD ugh!

So, anyway... I'm putting here my birthday wish list in case the Universe is listening.

So the items on my birthday wishlist are... *drumroll*

1. ASUS EEE (pink)

2. Swarovski USB flash drive

3. Anna Sui Cosmetic or fragrance

4. LV organizer

5. A new puppy *eye rolling*

6. Sony cybershot T2

7. Iphone

So there ya have it. My crazy, unabashed, expensive, list of wants of the moment :)

TAA !! *muakx*


Da Godfathar said...

nei mou hui cheong!..
go rob la wei. haha.

L-net said...

then i'll b choosing u as my partner of crime..