Jan 12, 2009


Warning : Picture ahead! This are the pictures that i took at Youth'09

My booth
After that, look what i found ?
I found my long lost friend - Ah tuck!
Duh! i miss her so much
We both failed damn teruk for Chuan's paper -_-lll

and here is the leng lui's pics that i promised
Linda says all leng lui is bad bt of cos excluded me *evil grins*
Imma strongly agree lorh
After all the hardwork, this is how she treated me
Celeb of the day :
Belinda CFaizal

New friend of the day : Joanne Tee (sampat fella)
and here is my camwhore pics teehee
end of the day :- tired, tired of camwhoring =pand i spent a dramatic weekend with coyie
and here is my queen coyie
drama-nyeHAHA! see how pissed was her when someone ruined her happen moment =pand there are lots more picture of COYIE , THOMAS and NAKATA
bt Queen Coyie dun allowed me to post it
So i think i shud end my entry now

- The end -

Thank you for taking your time to view all this gross picture of mine.
Love u so much ! *muakz*

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