Jan 1, 2009

Happy New Year

So 2009 is here. I had intended welcoming the brand new year by bombarding my blog with the pictures taken on New Year eve with my friends. Teehee. Yeaps, again! I know its bored but I just can’t resist my blog to be just
, Words and WORDS.
FYI I don’t post all of my pictures one lorh, its all depends on my mood and luckily today my mood is good *evil grins* so sad but true, I’m not kidding. Pictures progressing

anyone took pictures at SHELL's station before ? Net do !! tra la la

So it's back to normality (the day job) tomorrow. I've really enjoyed the break. Pictures ahead again

i love this pic but i love my CAMERA more teehee

we at the curve
the night is still young for us to play spray

I've made no New Year resolutions, but am relatively optimistic 2009 will be a much better year than 2008, which seemed to be a year of retrenchment year. I've got no major changes planned (other than cutting down on credit card usage) no more shopping every single day, I’ll minimize it to twice in a week? *I think that will be just fine* and I'm fully and better prepared for what the year throws at me than I was this time last year.

2008 sucked for all sorts of reasons. 2009 WILL be better, if I cut down all my mingle activities *highly noted in the RED BOX’s newsletter – horoscope column* No more partying for me in 2009, because net is at the ageing stage.

So long~~~~~~~~~~~ 2008

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