Jan 24, 2009

The Golden Ox Year

Everyone's busy preparing and enjoying to usher the Golden Ox Lunar Year
But Net is busy working *sob*
Imma is writing another review of i-mobile 625
Playing with the phone right now
But i dunno how to shit 700 words for it
Gawd! i-mobile 625 is killing me.....softly
Current update : 325 words only
Fugg!! Fugggg!! FUgggggg !!
I need to finish it by today
Even thou if i need to burn midnite oil *I DONT CARE*
However imma is goin to finish it by TODAY
At least i can enjoy collecting ang pao without thinking of the i-mobile 625

Anyhoo! Net wishes all of u

Taaa !!!

Update :
Duh! when i'm almost finish
I only realized that i wrote the wrong review
Supposedly, i need to write I-mobile 523 not 625

Sleepy !

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