Jan 9, 2009

Catch me at Youth 09

New Year’s resolutions come fast and furious this time of year, but in 2009, I’m keeping it simple. Sure, if I could lose weight and get in shape, it would be great, but I’m resolving my lazy sickness, I hafto wake up on time every day and get my ass to office ON TIME as today Net is LATE to work again. Duh, i know. i'm a pig, BIG FAT PIG!

And I started thinking about my resolutions and motivations, I began pondering motivation in general. What motivates me at work? Of course, money plays a role, I need to solve my overspending shopping spree habit but doing a good job at work is a motivating factor as well and after doing a good job, a shopping spree needed as a rewards to all my hardwork. teehee

Basically I am happy working currently although the job requires irregular hours occasionally but I LOVE it. Flexible working hour, Good Pay, 5 days work, Nice environment, awesome location, good BOSS, lousy toilet but I’m allowed to dress like a slut to work. Teehee! Excited aye ? But I can’t blog as often as I always do although I don’t update my blog tat often too. *Slap*

I will be working from Fri till Sunday at the Youth 09’ but I’m off on MONDAY. So I guess I will just upload the picture(s) that I took from the Velvet, Phurture and this upcoming Youth 09’ on my off day *trying*. Yeah larh, I will try to snap leng lui(s) picture for you, don’t worry! *evil grin*

Taaa !!!

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