Jul 30, 2009

Guardian Angel

This blog is back with words and words than picture(s). I don't feel like writing about my life anymore. But seriously I need a space to blah-out all my thoughts and unhappiness in my life.
Yeap, yet another emo post.
Kindly click (X) to exit...

Well, people look at me and think that I've a very interesting, perfect and happening glamor life with good looking and papa-mama rich friends but they doesnt know that i'm usually filled with a lot of sad thoughts which i tried not to list everything out and makes my blog filled with more eemmooooo post.

Although i've been hanging out alot,
as most of the time u couldn't catch me at home nemore
but deep inside I just need a shoulder for me to lean on..
I'm tired of such a lifestyle.

I always hope that i can blog something happy to share with my readers but when actually i can feel genuinely happy again? God knows how long that will take!


Today I just realized that he deleted all the pictures of me and him.
I doesn't know that he even put a "full stop"in our friendship
Truthfully and undoubtedly, i know its stil goin to happen...
sooner or later
I would be lying if I uttered that I don’t and I won’t lie to myself
I always thought we can be a very good friend
since i'm not meant for him
Well, i guess its my turn, to put a superbly

Pst : God, please help me to send this msg to the big head prawn :
Do Take a very GOOD care of your own,
as i couldn't be your guardian angel anymore..


1 comment:

Dayz said...

emo blogs are the way forward! at least i think so,i mean my blog is the emoest blog ever..you will feel better when time passes.

p.s people dont see whats there they only see us the way they want us to be to them.