Jul 5, 2009

Muscular yet feminine

Please IGNORE the unglamorous and weird title

Well, Net doing silly thingy in the office again..
kindly ignore my stupidity and enjoy the picture(s)..

First of all, let me introduce you my cute lil innocent colleague
*and please stop shouting my chinese name in da opis*
Ahem~ well, ain't she looks familiar ?
Yep, shes my junior back in high school
but now shes one of my colleague.
What a small world duh !!!
and shes da big evil that makes me grow fatter and fatter,
kilo keep increasing and face getting chubbier.. *sigh*
Eating day and night,
24/7 dragging me out for tea, goreng pisang, apam balik, tomyam and etc..

Please ignore our non make-up face

When we're too stress
we starts doing silly thingy like this..
Left : Alyn, moi and clarist
and sometimes we will act cute *sweat -_-ll*and we're the so-called 'Malaysia Next Top Model' version OWS..teehee
Woops, why am i the only one who pose ?!Fast fast oi, my hand very tired dy..and when the clock strikes 6,
we run, we jump, we laugh !!
cos its WEEKEND !! woot~
Ain't we ROCKS ?!

- - -

Finally i get to wore the dress.. woohoo~
Poignant me, bought TWO almost similar dress.
but luckily i managed to sell this away..

and i kept
(Moi favourite)
Yep, i finally managed to wear it yesterday... to...
MAMAK !! -___- lll
but luckily thats not the first destination..
*I think this is the first time i wore a dress after so many months/years*
We went to Bonton out of sudden instead of Feeling,
and later on we change location to mamak
Jus bcos wen with her big gigantic elephant leg
was craving for Teh Tarik..
but end up, she ordered MILO PANAS ~ grr

Normally Wen wouldn't and doesn't ask,
but yesterday she sudd asked me something which i chose to avoid
I think she felt something wrong hidden beneath me,
and she knows i need someone to talk to desperately.
So she ask, she analysis, she question, she elaborate..
and I sat there listening.. and waiting for something unreturn again

- The End -

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