Jul 2, 2009

Net in gloomy bloomy mood *sigh*

I'm sitting quietly in the office,
I felt today was like the longest day ever.. *sigh*
and work finally ended at 8 something,
energy drained off completely..
and everyone had left the office except me -__- lll
unbelievable huh ?!!
anyhoo, starting from this week onwards,
I'll be extremely tied up with works, events, sales and media..
I suddenly think that event doesn't suits me nemore,
cause i wanna spend more time with my dahling..
yep, after a long hour of hardships in work force,
I need a koala hug from the boi..
Read my lips, i said koala hug not karate kick or shadow hand

Eventually, I did something kinda crazy yesterday
I SPEND RM 500 in less than 30 minsI KNOW I'M INSANE !!!!! Argh !!!!!
Halleluyah, may god bless me !
To cover back the stupid debts,
i think i hafta agree to accept the indoor and outdoor photoshoot
*as i feel like changing my blog banner too*
Was kinda concern about the shoot, outdoor was stil wokay
but he want something like 'Nira' for the indoor photoshoot..
-__- lll
We'll see how !

Let's move on to "Outfit of the day"
*Moi favorite*

Theme : Kungfu Hustle
Tank top : MNG
Pant : Thrited

Theme : Puffy Huffy Duffy Net
Puffy blouse : Sg Wang
Legging : Cultivation

Theme : Aedes Net
Aides dress/blouse : Thrifted

My colleague called me the aedes girl because
most of my clothes were in black and white!
Duh, i just love Black..
as black has the magical slimming effect that make us looks good

Best buy of the Month :
MNG inspired ribbon spaghetti

- The End -

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