Nov 13, 2009

Net's Carapace

Sometimes I was so neurotically insecure about myself,
I wish I can held absolute anonymity on my blog,
and no one, not even my family, knew who I was on the Internet.
There's so much I want to say, like in a diary,
but I can't.
I can't go bitching about anyone without serious repercussions,
and I can't even vent or rant my frustrations
towards some crusty and cantankerous thingy.

Sometimes I wish I have an anonymous blog
and nobody knew about the existence of that blog,
so that I can start dishing out a lot of angst under another
nom de plume.


Backdated GoMobile 2009 pix

- The End -

1 comment:

momoc blog said...

You want to rant your frustrations
towards some crusty and cantankerous thing? hehe..and with this posting you put gomobile expo is coincidence..or just photo on a post?..hehehe